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For Remote and Internal Sales Teams

Increase Productivity - Increase Sales

£5 per month, direct email, reply and send templates and get emails directly into your contacts.

£5 per month, directly message your leads from your CRM contacts.

£35 per month, for FREE worldwide calls.

£10 per month, fully integrated AI lead nurturing

£5 per month, texts per month directly to your contacts.

£15 per month, fully integrated management, payment & invoicing

£45 per month, Productivity Analysis, Active vs. Idle Time Analysis, Live View, History Playback, App and URL Monitoring, Keystroke Logger, Email Monitoring.

Monthly Billing / 5 user minimum – £ per month

Created by sales people - for sales people

For Remote and Internal Teams

Increase Your Sales

£5 per month, direct email, reply and send templates and get emails directly into your contacts.

£5 per month, directly message your leads from your CRM contacts.

£35 per month, for FREE worldwide calls.

£10 per month, fully integrated AI lead nurturing

£5 per month, texts per month directly to your contacts.

£15 per month, fully integrated management, payment & invoicing

£45 per month, Productivity Analysis, Active vs. Idle Time Analysis, Live View, History Playback, App and URL Monitoring, Keystroke Logger, Email Monitoring.

Monthly Billing / 5 user minimum – £ per month

Introfer Features

Simple Sales Management

Easy 15 minute training for your staff, simple pipeline process for effective sales management.

Super Fast

A system built for a super fast experience with all the functional aspects working in the background.

Built-in VOIP Phone

Automated KPI's, recording and transcription through our VOIP API (mobile & headsets).

Fully Automated KPI Tracking

Monitor the sales team performance, second by second, fully automated KPI tracking

Prospects & Sales Monitoring

Easily track daily prospect values, and sales performance across each employee / client.

Email, SMS and Linkedin Plugin

Manage your calls, emails, SMS and LinkedIn messages from one console.

Automated Tasks

Power hour monitoring, task alerts, forgotten lead reminders, secret read receipts, lead nurturing ...

Fully Integrated (real) AI

An AI that learns each independent user, and finds the best sales opportunities.

Productivity Analysis

Active vs. Idle Analysis, Live View, URL Monitoring, Email & Chat Monitoring, Screen Snapshots.

Automation Plus

Leads not being followed up? Introfer will schedule your employee to do outstanding tasks.

Data Analytics Reporting

Fully detailed reporting on KPI's, prospects, sales, individual team members.

10 Min Support Response

You can't beat a 10 minute super fast response time.

Outlook, IMAP & Gmail Connection

Easily integrate all employee emails into Introfer. Within a few minutes, Introfer becomes your inbox, connected with your contacts. Never have to search emails again, or lose track of when your prospect emailed you.

You can either view your emails in your Inbox, or the emails associated with a contact inside each contact area.

Your calendar syncs with Introfer, allowing you to create calendar invites to prospects, which also link with Zoom so you can arrange video conferencing.

When you use the Introfer email system, you can view when someone has read your emails, this is especially helpful when chasing up potential customers. 

Emails can be limited per day for each user, and each email sent is automatically added as a KPI number so you can keep count on the daily, weekly or monthly productivity of each sales person. 

LinkedIn Integration

Send and receive your LinkedIn messages directly into your inbox and prospect contact area, message them back quickly. See all correspondence in one area and save time, while also building up KPI’s and giving management the overview on productivity.

Your contacts information is automatically kept up to date through various data points with the most recent information, without having to manually input the data, saving your team time.

With over 303 million LinkedIn users, 40% of which are daily users, with 90 million business owners or senior decision makers, LinkedIn Integration is a must have when it comes to sales. 

VOIP Integration

We can have your office phone system set up and ready to go in 24 hours, along with your whole sales process.

Free worldwide calls? With Introfer you can enable our internal VOIP system and receive free worldwide calls *. Our VOIP system seamlessly integrates with your prospects, enabling detailed KPI analysis, recordings and data, as well as defining between calls and successful calls. At the same time analysing the information so that you can see why certain calls are turning into sales, and why others are not.

Our VOIP system is built into Introfer, directly linked which with each contact you have, therefore making it easy to quickly call from Introfer anywhere in the world using a simple headset or mobile phone app. 

(* Unlimited and inclusive calling applies to UK landline numbers starting with 01, 02, and 03, UK mobiles on all major UK mobile networks (Vodafone, O2, EE, Three, Virgin Mobile (EE), Asda Mobile (EE) and Tesco Mobile (O2)) and international geographic landline numbers and mobiles where specified). 

Semi Automation

With Introfer, we have made tasks easy. With sales we all know its important to follow-up on leads and not allow them to go cold. 

Every morning each user receives an email detailing which tasks that are overdue, and the targets they need to achieve for the day. 

Every lead created, every email sent, all calls made will trigger an automated process making the user fill out a task, either to remind them to follow-up on a prospect at a later date, or if the lead is now dead to update the note box to ensure the correct information has been entered. The user has to fill in the information (unless the super admin has disabled this function). No information can be deleted by an employee. 

If a call is made, then the auto task will make the user fill out the call data to update the information from the prospect. If the user tries to skip this process by closing the tab, they will forfeit the KPI they would normally be awarded, therefore its in the sales persons interest to make sure the information is filled in. 

Automation Plus

Perhaps some of your team members forget to do the tasks, or are behind on their schedules? Perhaps there are prospects in the system that have not been dealt with or messages that have not been answered?

If so, then you can activate ‘Automation Plus’; this can be applied to individual users whereby if tasks, prospects or emails / calls are not being fulfilled, every morning Introfer will manage the users schedule until the outstanding tasks have been carried out.

This gives you the peace of mind that every potential customer is being followed up and managed to give you a higher return.  

KPI's and Team Competitiveness

To encourage users to increase their KPI’s, there is a leader-board to increase competitiveness within the team. 

The leader-board can be displayed on large flat screen monitors within your offices, or accessed by remote teams individually on their computers, while your team leaders or sales managers can keep a constant live check on progress.

The employee KPI’s are also displayed across the top bar of each user profile to encourage competitiveness within the team, and also for sales managers and team leaders to see who needs help.

Clicking on the KPI numbers will immediately see live views of the data, so for example, the call KPI’s for that user will bring up the call logs the user has made within the date time frame selected, with detailed call information and notes. 



Pipeline Overview

Need to see a quick view of your pipeline? With Introfer, this can be quickly accessed two ways; one way is through the comprehensive Sales & Prospects page detailing individual or team sales and prospects, this gives detailed reporting as well as commissions (if required).

The other method is a quick graph overview where you can see each team members pipeline and click on each icon with a popup of the sale/appointment information.

AI Support

Many CRM and Sales platforms claim to be run by AI, when in fact its automation. 

Introfer uses an AI interface, built for the sole use of learning each sales persons activities, and then understanding what the user requires. For example, if a user is performing business development skills, the AI will learn and find new leads that is of use to the user, helping them find prospects through a number of data points combining over 1 billion contacts! 

The AI algorithm will determine who is your competitors, customers of the competitors, employees of the competitors, or friends of the competitors, which in turn will bring up prospects which it thinks the user can utilise for their own requirements. For example, the AI will determine that a friend or employee is not worth contacting, but a customer of the competitor is of course a prospect. This saves considerable amount of time in research for the sales person when hunting potential deals.  

The AI will also help with daily tasks, and also remind the user of leads that have not been dealt with. It will also note the performance of the user and help encourage the user to hit their monthly targets. 

Event Management & Payments

Introfer has an Event Management module, which includes a complete booking system with customer accounts, invoicing, activities and accommodation module, as well as an online payments system which is completely automated with one off payments, monthly payments or a subscription module. 

If you have hundreds or even thousands of customers or group bookings, keeping on top of payments can be a heavy admin task. With Introfer, your payments are automated, even the chasing up is carried out in the background, allowing your team to concentrate on sales. 

Productivity & Employee Analysis

How focused are your employees? Are they spending too much time on social media or other time wasting activities? Sales is performance based, it comes down to how much activity a user is prepared to do, and whether that is productive. 

With good employee monitoring software, these problems can be easily fixed whether thats for an internal based team, or remote. Introfer can aggregate that data to produce detailed metrics, such as:

  • A breakdown of how many hours each day were spent on work-related vs. non-work-related tasks.
  • Identify and limit use of websites and applications less productive by department and team.
  • Minute-to-minute trend graphs showing how much time is spent on specific projects.
  • Complete KPI actions, who has done what, and when, what they have said, actioned, or written at any given time with live data.
  • Prioritise important projects and ensure they are focused on them.

You can then discuss with your employees to find out how their goals are progressing and whether they need help. This will reinforce that you’re paying attention to productivity and progress, but it also makes clear that you’re there to assist if needed.

Team Chat

In todays remote working environment, team collaboration is key to a successful workforce. 

From our own experience with small and large sales teams, moving from a large office to full time into a remote capacity, communication is key. Without it, the team morale drops, social interaction becomes an issue, and sales decline.

Users can interact as a whole team, or individually. Video chats can be initiated as a one to one, or as a team, or just a few team members. 

The internal Introfer chat feature is a key element to ensure both social activity, but also competitiveness. 


What is the point of all this without any reporting? As we know today data analysis is key to a successful business. 

Thats why we have made the reporting function detailed, but as simple as possible to analysis. Whether thats a PDF report on an individual team member for a review, or a detailed export in excel for data crunching or importing into another system, or an overall picture of your business performance, either day to day, weekly, monthly or annually, every possible piece of data is analysed. 

Some of the data includes team member calls, emails, LinkedIn messages, SMS texts, activity logs, man hours, response times, performance, productivity versus idle time, login and out times, leads generated versus sales, conversion rates, income, commissions, tasks generated and tasks outstanding… are just a fraction of the data crunching to get the bottom line on your team and sales performance. 

More Features

  • Set up for remote workforce
  • Super fast support
  • Easy to use
  • Manage team effectively
  • Set up in minutes
  • Work faster – More results
  • Email, SMS, LinkedIn
  • Work from anywhere
  • KPI driven – fully analytical
  • Set up VOIP in minutes
  • Automated reminders
  • Workflow managed tasks
  • Logical sales pipeline
  • Automated Power Hours
  • Compete Hours
  • TV Screen Layouts
  • Broadcast Team
  • Team Internal Live Chat
  • Client Scheduler
  • Holiday Schedule

Even More Features

  • Manager Role
  • Full Team Monitoring
  • Live stats on Calls, Emails, SMS
  • Overview of all activity
  • Hot lead meeting export
  • Easily import to Introfer
  • Import mapping data link
  • Set up in a matter of minutes
  • Sign in to LinkedIn via Introfer
  • Easy workflow - More ROI
  • Rewarming Automation
  • Automatic dead lead revival
  • Nurturing Automation
  • Auto Lead Allocation
  • Auto Email Read Alerts
  • Fast, efficient, simple to use.
  • AVG training time, 15 minutes.
  • Sales teams love it
  • Fall Proof
  • Happier team – more ROI

Success Stories

  • Introfer have a fantastic CRM which they have tailored to meet our business. They are not only a fantastic company to work with but also personable business professionals with a drive to succeed which is contagious!

    Clare Taylor
  • The CRM is a brilliant alternative to previous CRM’s I’ve used. It’s logical design allows the user to understand the system quickly and efficiently meaning that tasks that may have previously taken quite some time now only take seconds to complete. The automated aspect of this whereby other software’s such as Outlook and LinkedIn are integrated means again, more time and money is saved.

    Alistair Bell
    Sales Manager
  • By far the best CRM systems I’ve ever used. Simple layout, straight forward and very intelligent. You rarely have to switch windows because it’s all integrated into on central system which saves time.

    Patrick Ekata
    Business Development Manager

#1 for Sales Management

Are you looking for a platform to help manage your sales team, to give you an overall view of your entire business growth, performance of your staff by recording every conversation, email, message and activity automatically?

With machine learning (AI) to help your team build leads, automated dead lead revival and rewarming, this ensures your staff performance improves and is maintained, saving time, increasing revenue by driving in new business.

Did you know; A Workplace Zen survey of more than 2,500 global employees found that “app overload” is real, and most workplace apps intended to streamline productivity and communications are actually undermining employee performance, the main reason being frequent task switching and the loss of focus. With Introfer, everything has been designed to be incorporated in one place, saving time, enhancing productivity, saving costs, and therefore increasing ROI. 

Designed by sales people, built by sales people, used by sales people, and supported by sales people. Introfer, the leading platform for sales teams and business development. 

Created by sales people - for sales people

Introfer has been designed and developed by sales people. We are a sales team. We know how sales people work. We use Introfer 24/7, every day of the year. 

Contact us below to find out more and we can organise an online demo for you…